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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

July   2015

River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy, LLC

Chief Instructor/Owner:

Master Scott C. Homschek, Yuk Dan

Other Instructors:

Master Julia Harvey - Sah Dan, Class Instructor
Ms. Linda Russo - Sah Dan, Class Instructor
Mr. Rashaud Olson - Sah Dan, Class Instructor
Ms. Elise Casello - Sam Dan, Class Instructor & Demo Team Captain
Mr. Michael Mullins - Sam Dan, Class Instructor
Mr. Michael Holcomb - Sam Dan, Class Instructor
Ms. Abigail McFarland - E Dan, Class Instructor
Mr. Travis Morton - E Dan, Class Instructor
Ms. Alexis Bohland - E Dan, Class Instructor
Mr. Kevin Van Valkenburgh - E Dan, Class Instructor
Ms. Victoria Homschek - E Dan, Asst Instructor & Demo Team Captain
Mr. Ian Cavanaugh - E Dan, Asst Instructor & Demo Team Captain
Ms. Tabitha Bailey - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Garrett Ropon - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Daniel Palmer - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Ron Eisenhauer - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Ms. Lilian Eisenhauer - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Caleb Erb-White - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Ms. Carrie Freed - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Sam Romutis - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Michael Fouse - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor
Mr. Jacob Welsh - Cho Dan, Asst. Instructor


625 Merchant St,
Ambridge, PA 15003



Types of Classes:

Little Dragons (age 3-5)
Mighty Dragons (age 6)
Youth Beginners (10th - 7th Gup, Age 7-13)
Youth Advanced (6th - 1st Gup, Age 7-13)
Teen & Adults (10th - 1st Gup, Age 14 & above, plus all Cho Dan Bo and Black Belts)
Black Belt Class (1st Friday of every month for all WTSDA local Black Belts)
Leadership Class (2nd Thursday of every month - Instructor Training Program)
Private and Small Group Lessons


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History of the School

River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy started out in the unheated garage of Master Scott Homschek in early 1992. After moving the cars out of the garage, the students would chip the ice off the training floor while they were doing warm ups. At that time there were only 3 adult students. Soon more adult students desired to learn and classes were moved into the local park for the spring, summer and early fall. With the upcoming cold weather in late 1992 the studio was moved into its first commercial location in the town of Ambridge, PA.

This first store front was a total of 1600 square feet, this included training floor, observation area, office area, storage and restrooms. It was in this location that we first offered a children’s class. Classes met two evenings per week plus Saturday morning. We quickly outgrew this location in less than 3 years and moved to a larger facility a few blocks down on the same street. In this bigger location we also began offering more classes per week. These two factors resulted in significant additional growth and 3 years later we relocated to our current location at 625 Merchant Street where we have been for 14 years.

The current facility features two training floors (2500 Sq Ft & 1500 Sq Ft), a two observation areas, a business area, instructors’ office and 3 restrooms. Pictures of the facility can be seen at

River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy filled a need for WTSDA in western PA. At the time of its founding there were no WTSDA studios in South Western PA (Pittsburgh). Master Homschek has stated one of his goals is to help spread WTSDA throughout Western PA. In the years since its founding the following studios have been started by River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy’s Black Belt Instructors.

Imperial Dragon Tang Soo Do Karate School founded by Mr. John Casuccio (retired) now operated by Master Julia Harvey Steel Dragons Martial Arts Mr. Dave Ilko & Mrs. Amy Ilko Rivers Edge Martial Arts Mr. Chris Shay (retired) Martial Way Defense Academy Mr. Travis Morton & Mrs. Shannon Morton

Additionally River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy’s Black Belts and Instructors have offered assistance to the following WTSDA studios which have opened in Western PA and Ohio. Keystone Martial Arts I Mrs. Richelle Jorgensen Keystone Martial Arts II Master Mark Jorgensen Hidden Tiger Tang Soo Do Mr. Robert Greco Buckeye Tang Soo Do Mr. Mark Holtman Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy Mr. Tom Marker Virtuous Warrior Academy Mr. Adam Marsh

History of the Chief Instructor

Master Homschek began his training in 1981 at Shin Karate Institute of Trenton NJ. Under the guidance of Master Charles Irwin he achieved his Cho Dan and continued to the rank of E Dan. Upon graduating high school, he began his college studies at the Pennsylvania State University - graduating in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Business Analysis. While at Penn State, Master Homschek continued his training under the direction of Master Michael Kaye, and Master Kaye’s instructor Master Michael White (Philipsburg, PA). It was during his college years that his love for teaching was cultivated. As an Assistant Instructor for the Penn State Martial Arts Group he learned the skills necessary to not only teach children and adults, but also the skills and desire to open his own school.

Shortly after graduation he moved to the Pittsburgh area, returning to the property where his wife grew up. It was at this time that he tested for his Sam Dan and established the tradition of Tang Soo Do in the community of Ambridge.

At the World Tang Soo Do Association - 1998 World Championship in Orlando Florida he received the prestigious rank of Master from Grand Master Jae Chul Shin. The moment was made more special by having his wife and daughter present, as well as his mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. His strong family ties are evident in the strong family bonds that permeate River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy.

Master Homschek has many areas of expertise including: forms, breaking, sparring, self defense, weapons, edged weapons, improvised flexible weapons, one step training. He has been an instructor at numerous local and regional events, including teaching at the very prestigious World Tang Soo Do Association’s Masters Clinic on numerous occasions..

While he is proud of his technical expertise, he is more pleased with the development of his students. He believes that the accomplishments of an instructor’s students are the true measure of the merits of an instructor. He feels very strongly about helping his students develop the skills necessary to become instructors in their own right and has committed himself to helping them open schools of their own.

In July of 2014 Master Homschek was promoted to the rank of Yuk Dan at the World Tang Soo Do Association’s World Championship in Greensboro, NC.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

There are a number of things that allows River Valley to stand out from other martial arts studios. First is a comprehensive curriculum structure that is designed to take students from Little Dragon to Gup to Black Belt to Instructor to Studio owner. The only limitations a student has are the limits they impose upon themselves. In the Gup ranks the students are given a rank syllabus (known as "Requirement Sheets") that specifically outlines what the student needs to learn at each belt rank.

Out leadership development program starts after student achieve Black Belt. In the Leadership Class students who desire to learn how to become instructors are shown how to teach each item on the Requirement Sheets mentioned above. Additionally, they are given the opportunity during class to practice their instructing skills under the watchful eye of senior class instructors and are given feedback on a regular basis.

Our business operations vary significantly from many other schools. "The River Valley Difference" can be seen at In short, we do not have our students sign contracts. We believe the quality of our teaching stands for itself. If the student and/or parent finds the service we offer valuable they will come back month after month. Our time as instructors is best utilized on the training floor teaching - not in the office negotiating contracts. We also do not charge students for a separate Gup testing fee - our monthly tuition is inclusive of all recurring fees. We also offer all students their first two weeks of training at no charge. This business model is designed to eliminate all barriers to entry - we know we have a great program that will keep students coming back month after month. We minimize our office time so we can maximize our teaching time.

As was mentioned earlier our Leadership Training program is designed to not only develop excellent class instructors to better serve our students, but ultimately it is designed to create well educated studio owners who will serve their own communities and WTSDA as well. The Leadership Class is the class where River Valley develops its class instructors - many of whom who have gone on to open their own schools with more on the way.

River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy is a martial arts innovation engine. Under the guidance of Master Homschek the instructors have developed cutting edge curriculum. This includes contributions from Master Harvey (Little Dragons Program), Ms. Linda Russo (Sword one steps and flow drills), Mr. Rashaud Olson (Close Quarter Sparring Drills), Mr. Michael Mullins (staff curriculum) as well as Master Homschek’s numerous contributions (Improvised Flexible Weapons, Open Handed Flow Drills, Single Step Drill, 100 Ways to do One Steps). These instructors have presented this material at local, Regional and Masters Clinics.

Master Homschek has also created a unique Gup Testing which he implement at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy starting in 2009. At the 2015 USA Masters Clinic he gave a presentation on this unique system which has resulted in higher retention, improved quality of students at each rank level, detailed post testing feedback provided to the students all while improving the efficiency with which the actual test in processed. Instructors wishing more information on this testing process are encourage to reach out to Master Homschek for more info

Student Testimonials:

"My Tang Soo Do training is very important to me. It is one of the most important things to me at the moment because I’m testing for red belt soon. I like Tang Soo Do because I think it is amazing to me that if I get into a situation where I do need to defend myself, I know how. This school has provided me with knowledge of not just how to punch and kick correctly but know how to defend against holds and weapons. My training means a great deal to me. It has boosted my confidence and perseverance a great deal. I know have the drive to get things done just like I need to learn all new material before my next karate test."
Harper Atkins, Age: 14, 3rd Gup

"I enjoy Tang Soo Do because it is really fun and I get to do cool things. One reason I especially like it is that I get to do cool forms (a series of combined moves). Also, I think Tang Soo Do is fun because I have the opportunity to be on their drill team where we do a whole bunch of cool, hard, awesome things. Now, I know what to do if a time occurs when I need to protect myself thanks to River Valley. River Valley is a great school. They are REALLY NICE when it comes to teaching. Also, (in my opinion), they have great instructors like Master Homschek and Master Harvey. I think that everybody should learn Tang Soo Do to protect themselves."
Zane Atkins, Age: 10, 3rd Gup

"Aside from church, River Valley has become the place where I am confident that my children will learn lifelong skills. Along with physical skills which one would assume would be learned at a Tang Soo Do academy, I have witnessed my children improve in personal and leadership development, emotional self-control, mental awareness, and a healthy obedience towards teachers and elders. As a parent, I am impressed with the beautiful dovetailing of both nurture and challenge in the instruction methods. My children are cared for. My children are also challenged to push harder and to do so with excellence. I recommend River Valley to every parent who mentions the possibility of karate for their children, for it is more than clear that the staff at River Valley want to help all students become responsible members of our society and to be respectful of themselves and others."
Jolene Atkins

"I am a parent of a WTSDA E Dan. I brought my rambunctious and frenetic four year old into the studio to meet a very tall and imposing Master. He was welcomed with enthusiasm into Little Dragons. He has attended the studio every year since. At four I watched him learn to hold his little body still, sometimes only for a moment, but Choon Be was a breakthrough. At five he connected the sequence of Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu to the sequence of telling a story or making a request. At six, I watched him kick with ferocity, finding a way to channel frustration. The next year he entered into the youth class and started into the regular pattern of drill and progression. At ten one of the turning points in my son’s martial arts journey happened. He was a Cho Dan Bo, working towards his black belt and his motivation had started to wane. He asked to quit, and we circled a date on the calendar six months away with the assurance that if his feelings didn’t change, he had permission to quit. Near the deadline, one of the teenage black belts at the studio got the command to lead him and the three other blue belts in "warm ups". Warm ups took the entire 60 minute class and he got in the back in the car shaking from exhaustion and drenched in sweat. The overprotective mom in me was about to say, "You don’t need to wait, you can quit now." Before I could, he shouted with triumph, "That was the best workout ever!" In one moment in a Tang Soo Do Studio in western Pennsylvania, he had learned that the limits he had placed on himself were drastic underestimations of what he was capable of. It was only later, as he told me stories from what he was learning in leadership class, that what he had experienced was born from the concerned discussions about every student’s progress and an immersion into learning and motivation theories. He would describe to me the different approaches that were tried to help someone master a technique or movement and started to use those in his own academic and extracurricular learning. Just recently he took home a grand champion trophy from a regional tournament. While proud of the accomplishment, it cannot begin to acknowledge the transformation of character and integrity that Tang Soo Do has worked within him."
Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh, Mother of Ian Cavanaugh (Age 17, E Dan)

"I began my Tang Soo training 3.5 hours and 200 miles away from Master Homschek and River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy. At the time, our schools were even in separate Regions. However, River Valley and Master Homschek have had an indelible influence on my training and my development as a martial artist and studio owner. Whether it was a demonstration, Gup testing, or clinic, River Valley was there for support in the early days as both Buckeye Tang Soo Do and Columbus Tang Soo Do were getting started. When my instructor moved out of the state, they were there for support and advice when I needed it most. However, River Valley is more than one person, and its sterling reputation comes in no small part due to the excellent senior black belts who have come through the ranks within its walls. The World Tang Soo Do Association stresses brotherhood, and Master Homschek and his students epitomize this cornerstone. Black Belt classes in the Pittsburgh area are open to all studios, and I have had the pleasure to drive in from Ohio on several occasions to take part in the training. The Dojang fosters an atmosphere of hard work, dedication and respect, but with that comes the feeling of family. I have had the opportunity to work with the black belts of River Valley and have always been impressed by their desire to improve, their willingness to share, and the welcome invitation extended to complete strangers from another state. Driven by common goals, we come together in the spirit of the Proverb "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Despite the distance, I have always considered River Valley my second training home. It is because of the effort and seeds planted by River Valley Tang Soo Do that we have three successful studios in Central Ohio."
Thomas Marker, Sam Dan, Chief Instructor, Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy

"Tang Soo Do has changed my life by opening a brand new door for my family. Each one of us has an individual story, but as a group it comes down to physical and mental well being. As we age, most people slow down and learn to stay in the comfort zone. In training and studying Tang Soo Do, I find myself thrust far beyond the borders of my comfort zone. Either through learning a new technique or application or by being humbled and inspired with the history, every day brings new understanding on the training floor and in normal daily life. Tang Soo Do is not just a part of life, but a way of life. River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy is not a group of strangers working out, but a family that learns from each other and cares. We have great friendships and outstanding, caring support from all members. It is a blessing to be part of this group." Lilian Eisehauer (Cho Dan); Ron Eisenhauer (Cho Dan);
Morgan Eisenhauer (3rd Gup, Age 14)

"My husband, Norman Erb-White (4th Gup) and I have been bringing our children to River Valley for the 11 years. Our Oldest, Caleb Erb-White, is a Cho Dan, and our second oldest is a Cho Dan Bo. We were impressed from our earliest experiences with our children in the Little Dragons class with the quality of instruction and the integrity of the instructors at River Valley. Among our family of eight, we have experienced every level of instruction, from Little Dragons, and Mighty Dragons to Youth Beginners, Youth Advanced, Adult Gup, Black Belt, and Leadership Classes. Accommodations have been made for our children with disabilities, and they have always been treated with the same respect as any other student. Every level of instruction has been top notch, and we feel that no matter when we enter the studio, we are receiving ancient wisdom and mastery passed through the generations, presented with the most up-to-date teaching methods. We look forward to many more years of training at River Valley both for ourselves and for our children."
Deb Erb-White (4th Gup)

"In December 2010 my wife and I came to River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy from outside the WTSDA. Just taking 1 class, you can tell the wealth of knowledge that is in the instruction there. After a month we were asked if we were staying with River Valley and the WTSDA. By then we knew that the students were loyal and dedicated, and wanted to be a part of that. 1 year later, I was instructing at RVTSDA. 2 years after that my wife and I both opened our own studio, Martial Way Defense Academy, and started our family with our first child Leondra. Why we left our old federation and joined River Valley was the options and support. There is an internal Instructor Training class monthly. Master Homschek has trained several studio owners, and has offered assistance in getting a studio started. And the facility of River Valley itself is often the location used for the monthly Black Belt class that the Pittsburgh area has; and is open to all WTSDA Black Belts, who do stop in from time to time. That level of integration and support did not exist where we came from. We have had mentoring in being successful studio owners from opening day, and help whenever needed on matters of the day to day operations, and if needed an occasional baby question. We always knew we had a people to count on, and knew we could be counted on. I am an instructor for River Valley 2 days a week, studio owner of Martial Way Defense Academy another 2, and grateful for the opportunity to do that 7 days a week."
Travis Morton #41306, Chief Instructor of Martial Way Defense Academy, Instructor at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy, Father of Leondra Morton

"River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy has been and continues to be the foundation of Tang Soo Do in the Western PA area. From the Blue and Black Belts classes held once a month at River Valley available to all students from all schools in the area, to the sharing of experience and expertise in the art as well as the internal aspects of running a studio. Master Homschek has led the way to build cohesiveness between the Western PA schools that act as a support network available to each school to draw from. As a studio owner in the area, I consider River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy a role model school that has set an example for our school to follow. Thank you to Master Homschek and all of River Valley for your unselfish dedication to the art of Tang Soo Do."
Mr. Robert Greco, Chief Instructor, Hidden Tiger Tang Soo Do

"Before beginning our training at River Valley TSDA, I researched several other martial art forms and multiple studios. River Valley had caught my attention for a multitude of reasons. The instruction is topnotch. Each instructor is thorough, knowledgeable, educated and patient. They are willing to help without hesitation, and never degrading. The facility is large enough to allow students as much training time throughout the week, without limiting them. They have a large variety of training equipment and plenty of it to go around. Accessibility is good. Pricing is far better than all other studios I researched and family friendly. We started out in youth classes and found the teaching at appropriate age level, strict yet fun. We have developed friendships with others training here that support our conservative moral values. River Valley supports these values as well as a charitable approach to others in the studio and outside the studio. Five plus star studio with Owner and instructors to match!"
Kris Hughes (5th Gup); also Mother of 11 yr old 2nd Gup and 16 yr old 10th Gup

"In 2007, my younger son, Eli, was interested in beginning martial arts classes. A friend of his had been a student at RVTSDA for awhile and his parents recommended we come to the studio and give it a try. A month after Eli (soon to be 17 and a Cho Dan) started training, his brother Caleb (19 and a Cho Dan Bo) decided to join in. From day one of Eli’s introductory lesson I could see this was a place where I wanted them to be. The boys were there to "learn moves" at that point but I could immediately see that there was so much more being taught. Self-control, honor, humility, respect, responsibility and perseverance are as big a part of what is being taught as the techniques themselves. As a parent I was teaching these things to my sons but I realized that their involvement in activities like Boy Scouts and training at RVTSDA reinforced these important values in a very strong way. The expectations set for the students at RVTSDA are high, on and off of the training floor. I also admire the dedication, leadership and professionalism of the instructors. There is an obvious and deliberate curriculum being taught and it changes and grows every year with new ways to introduce and practice material. The instructors not only know the material they are teaching, but they are taught how to teach students effectively. The entire amount of instruction time is planned and managed. There is a conscious effort to make sure that whoever is teaching a class will engage students, will teach material correctly and will move students forward. In addition, the diverse personalities of the instructors gives the students different ways to approach and practice material. I am thankful that my sons have had the opportunity to train at a studio where they are being taught to be real martial artists, not just being taught how to kick and punch. I have watched the positive and powerful effect their training has made as they have grown into fine young men. I congratulate Master Homschek, the instructors and students on being named Studio of the Month- it is very well deserved!"
Beth Markovitz

"My name is Ben McCandless, I am 37 years old and I am a Cho Dan Bo. I have been training at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy for almost six years now. I would like to think that for me, coming to River Valley was either an act of God or maybe even fate. While out walking one afternoon, I came across the school by accident and I have been training there ever since. Master Homschek has made me feel welcome since the day I walked through his doors and even accepting the challenges that comes with me being completely blind. Tang Soo Do was certainly not the first Discipline that I tried to learn. However, I do feel as if I am at home with it. Martial Arts in general has been an interest of mine for my entire life, but at River Valley, I have never felt as if I was inadequate there, I have felt sorely challenged but never enough so that I feel as if I can’t do something. Master Homschek is a phenomenal instructor and I would recommend anyone to try his school, no matter their disability or other such challenges."
Ben McCandless, Cho Dan Bo, Age 37

"My name is Hudson McGeorge. I am 12 years old; I am a Red Belt with strip. I have been training for 4 years and I really enjoy training at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy. The instructors are more than helpful but also very friendly and personable. Tang So Do is a way of life. Training is not only about defense or offense; it is about a way of life that helps you no matter what physical or mental purpose you seek. I’m just so honored to be part of a studio that supports their students to no end. That makes me proud to be from River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy."
Hudson McGeorge, age 12, 1st Gup

"River Valley Tang Soo Do is very orderly and structured in teaching the young and old to reach to their full potential. I particularly appreciate River Valley not only emphasizing on teaching Tang Soo Do principles and forms, but character development. They teach the importance of doing your best, trying your hardest along with setting and achieving goals for oneself. From a parent’s perspective, I like that I am able to stay and watch everything that is being taught."
Nancy Ross, Mother of Gabriella Ross (Age 11, Red Belt w/stripe)

"My name is Gabriella Ross, I am 11 years old and have attended classes at River Valley Tang Soo Do for almost 5 years. I am currently a red belt w/stripe. I want to thank River Valley for helping me through rough times by teaching me to build my strength and self confidence in my mind and body. I do other activities, but I like going to my Tang Soo Do class most because I have fun learning with my classmates that I have become close friends with. Our Studio cares for each other. Thank you Master Homschek." Gabriella Ross (Age 11, Red Belt w/stripe)

"I’m Garrett Ropon, a 16 year old Cho Dan and train at river valley. I have been training there for just over 8 years. I enjoy it because It feels like a family and everyone knows each other. River valley also holds many options of extra classes, for example a leadership class. Finally river valley has a "demo team" which does various demonstrations like nationality days."
Garrett Ropon, Cho Dan

"My son, Garrett Ropon, age 16 has been training at River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy for just over 9 years. He is a first degree black belt. The lessons he learns at karate are much more than how to fight. He has learned responsibility, leadership and how to be a helpful teammate. The instructors all know how to correct him while encouraging him instead of making him feel like he messed up. He has tried many sports and activities but nothing made him feel as content as River Valley’s karate training. I am glad to know that he can defend himself if necessary, but mostly I like seeing him really care about his studio, instructors and fellow students. Life lessons are taught and well received here."
Lainee Ropon

"My family has celebrated River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy for several years. As a law enforcement professional I recognized the worth of martial training for both physical, mental, social and disciplinary growth. Looking for a suitable school for our eight year old son, Sam, we decided on RVTSDA as the best in the area due mainly to the warm and welcoming attitude we first encountered. We watched through the years as our shy, unassuming boy worked his way up through the Gup ranks to become a competent, self assured young man as a Cho Dan. The teaching was firm and fair from Master to all supporting Black Belts. There was always time for extra training, answering questions, giving advice and providing anything our son could need to grow in his art. The challenges he faced and obstacles he overcame have set him on a course that can only lead to successes, in and out of the studio. He is now in the leadership class and helping young Gup students the same way he was helped, with patience, caring, courtesy and determination. The pride we feel as parents, watching him train, teach or perform can be traced to those many days we spent with him coming up through all those colored belts and the personal engagement and concern from Master and all the others, including the clerical staff and his many new friends, to motivate him to be the best he could. Our gratitude alone is not enough for the gift our son received from River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy."
Mark Romutis & Family

"May 12, 2015 marks the one-year Anniversary of my school. 13 months ago, I was new to the WTSDA. I met Master Homschek and his students for the first time, and from that first meeting I can say I felt the Tang Soo Do spirit of Brotherhood. At the first Black Belt Class that I attended at River Valley, I met Ms. Linda Russo and being new to the WTSDA and Region 22, I did not have any shirts with the logo. She actually went and got me a Region 22 T-shirt. All of the people, instructors and students alike, have been very helpful and hospitable to me and my family when visiting and training at RVTSDA. If it wasn’t for Master Homschek, Master Jorgensen, Master Harvey, Master Manculich, Master Merrill, Mrs. Jorgensen, Ms. Russo, Mr. Olson, and many more giving me guidance, advice, and encouragement, my school and I would not be as far along in our journey as we are now and we will always be grateful for it! I am thankful to be part of a Region and Organization that truly embraces Brotherhood!"
Adam Marsh, Chief Instructor, Virtuous Warrior Academy