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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin

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November 2012 Masters Profile


Name: Ross Alexander Lindsay

Rank and date of rank: Sah Dan Master, July 2011

Region and Studio Name & Location: Region # 2 –
Lindsay Martial Arts in Orem, Utah  

Contact Information:


Personal Information

Where were you born?

I wasborn in Lakeview, Oregon.

Family members involved in Tang Soo Do:

I am the only one who trains in Tang Soo Do.

Description of profession or trade outside of Tang Soo Do:

I am a telecommunications contractor.

Master Lindsay with his students at the 2004 World Championship.

Martial Arts Career

When, where and why you started Tang Soo Do?

I started the art of Tang Soo Do in 1989 in Las Vegas, NV. I trained with Master Douglas who was personally trained by Chuck Norris. We were with the National Tang Soo Do Congress. The President of the Association was Pat Johnson. I had always wanted to train in the martial arts as a kid but I was never able to do so. So being 21 at the time, I was so excited to start. I was always small as a kid and got pushed around a lot.  So my first real reason to start training was for plain self-defense. It was not easy for me. I was very uncoordinated and had to practice a lot to keep up with the class. Sparring scared me and it took a long time to feel comfortable. Over the years I built confidence and skill. I realized that I was training more now for the joy of knowing who I am and not for what I can do. My main focus for training now is to guide my students to see that same path.

How did you become involved with the World Tang Soo Do Association?

I left the National Tang Soo Do Congress in 1995 because that organization was falling apart. I started my own organization and continued to run my School which I started in 1994. In 1998 I realized that I needed someone that knew more than I did to advance my training. I was only a Cho Dan then. I found a Tae Kwon Do School which was 3 hours away. The style was Song Moo Kwan and had a great master instructor named Master Koscela. I learned a lot from him and received my E Dan but never affiliated my School with the organization. I always wanted to get back to Tang Soo Do. One weekend while training with Master Koscela, his adopted Father (Grandmaster Bong Soo Han) came to train us for the day. At dinner that night I was talking to Grandmaster Han and I was telling him about my Tang Soo Do training. He told me that if I wanted to train Tang Soo Do, I should get in touch with his old friend Grandmaster Jae C. Shin. Even though I had trained under Pat Johnson I had never heard of Grandmaster Shin.

I looked up the WTSDA and got in touch with Master John Bennett (who was the Region 2 director) and asked if I could find out more. He told me that they were having their Region 2 Championship in Phoenix, AZ in one month. This was October 2000.  I went to Phoenix and met my new family. Grandmaster Shin meet and talked with me for an hour, it was that hour that changed my life. I had never before in all my training met a person that was that high ranked who cared so much about the little guy. I also had the chance to meet Master Lindsay (from Phoenix), Master Roberts, Master Williamson and my current Instructors Master Carla Bennett and Master John Bennett. I was so impressed with them all. I signed up my studio in Hurricane, Utah with the WTSDA the next month and have never looked back.

Master Lindsay and Master John Bennett working on sword drills.

Other martial arts studied:

I have studied Kickboxing and used to fight semi pro in Southern Utah. I have a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwan Do.  I have seen a lot of other styles and associations and nothing compares to our great WTSDA..

Master Lindsay and his students. Master Lindsay and his students at the 2010 World Championship.

Tang Soo Do Career

What was your Master’s thesis on, why did you choose it, and what did you learn from it?

My thesis was on 'Becoming One with Nature'. I have been studying energy and Ki Gong for the past ten years. I love to see the connection that we have with our planet. It is amazing the power there is all around us and how we can become that power and feel the peace that comes with that. Our minds control so much more that you know. How you think of others and yourself will determine who and what you become.

What is your favorite part of Tang Soo Do?

Energy works and physics are my favorite parts of Tang Soo Do. I love feeling the connection through proper physics and breathing you can accomplish anything, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What is your favorite Hyung and why?

My favorite Hyung is Sip Soo. It teaches you so much about collecting energy and how to work with all that we have around us.

WTSDA committees or positions:

I am the Head of the TAC in Region 2.

Who are some of your Role Models in and out of WTSDA?

I have a great deal of respect for my Instructors Masters John and Carla Bennett. I have learned so much from them, not just physically but through their example. I feel I have learned to become a better person. They are one of the main reasons that I joined the Association and are still here today. We have a great Region here in Region 2. Our Regional Directors over the years have helped this to be a great region. Master John Bennett, Master Carla Bennett, Master David Roberts and Master Johnny R, Williamson have all been directors (Master Williamson is our current director).

Grandmaster Beaudoin promoting Master Lindsay, Master Pacini and others at the 2012 Master's Clinic.

As WTSDA celebrates its 30th anniversary, what are your hopes/wishes for WTSDA in the next 30 years?

I, as well as the rest of our whole WTSDA family misses Grandmaster Shin more than I can say. He is one of my greatest heroes that I have had the privilege to know. I do not think that most of us realize what he has given us. The WTSDA is rare. I have seen and been apart of many organizations, and what Grandmaster Shin has built here is rare. We have his legacy (that is now our legacy) to move forward with and to continue teaching and growing this Art to benefit generations to come. I can think of no other organization that builds up souls and makes us greater than the true study of the Martial Arts. I also know that there is no other Martial Arts organization out there that can match ours, the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Advice/Words of Wisdom

Make life fun by working hard at what you love. For you younger students: Do not be worried about how good you are or how great you want to be, just be. Have fun and work hard. The harder your workouts are, the better you will feel and the more you will learn. Life is about learning, How much are you learning? Tang Soo!