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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
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June 2015 Masters Profile


Name: Philip Joseph Geiter

Rank and date of rank: Sah Dan (July, 2014)

Region and Studio Name & Location: Region #8,
Saucon Valley Tang Soo Do, Hellertown PA

Contact Information:


Personal Information

Where were you born?

I was born in Bethlehem, PA.

Family members involved in Tang Soo Do:

My daugthers Megan, Alison and Erin are involved.

Description of profession or trade outside of Tang Soo Do:

I am a Residential Remodeling Contractor.

Master Geiter with his family.

Martial Arts Career

When, where and why you started Tang Soo Do?

I’m  a big fan of Chuck Norris.  His movies and TV  shows always contained martial arts, as well as the theme of justice winning over injustice, both of which really grabbed my attention. So I was hooked, but just needed a place to train.  One day I was speaking to my next door neighbor, who had recently earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do, about what I needed to do to take classes, he told me “go to the YMCA and sign up”, so I did.  So, my Tang Soo Do training started in 1986 at the Bethlehem YMCA.  My first Tang Soo Do instructor was (Master) Dan Haas. (we were not members of the WTSDA at the time)  My neighbor was one of the assistant instructors at the YMCA, you know him as Master John Gallagher.  (Mr Jim Horwath was also a black belt at the YMCA).  I  went on to earn my black belt in Tang Soo Do in 1989.  Life became very busy with work and family the next couple of years.   I sporatically trained and was all but out of Tang Soo Do, but thankfully a great friend pulled me back in.  I joined the WTSDA in 1997, and got my martial arts career back on track.  I may not have taken the most traditional route, but all the twists and turns along the way have made me who I am today.  I am so fortunate to be a member of such a great association of people with a common goal, that of helping others to be their best.

What were your first impressions when you started and how have they changed?

In the beginning, it was always about the physical aspect of Tang Soo Do,  I now realize how equally important the mental aspect is.  I cannot grow as a Master, or as a person, if I do not continue to refine my physical and mental abilities.

Any other martial arts studied?

I have not formally trained in any other martial art, but I have been exposed to many others, such as: Shotokan, Judo, Krav Maga,  and Hapkido to name a few. 

Master Geiter with his instructor and mentor, Master John Gallagher (left) and with his friend and fellow student, the late Dave Cuddy (right)

Tang Soo Do Career

What was your Master’s thesis on, why did you choose it, and what did you learn from it?

Overcoming Fear is the title of my thesis.   Fear is always in the back of our minds, and can be a driving force in our lives.  Fear can drive us to greatness or destroy our dreams.  My biggest fear is fear of failing. I try to remind myself, if I can learn from my mistakes, I have not failed.

What is your favorite part of Tang Soo Do?

Hyungs.  There is nothing like doing hyungs, alone, and making a discovery.

Difference between when you first started training and today? 

We train smarter than we ever have.  Our physical health and that of our students has been addressed a lot over the years.  We want to see all our students age gracefully, and become great martial artists and instructors so our association will live on. 

What is your favorite Hyung and/or weapon and why?

Bassai hyung is a special hyung and always will be.Over the last few years, the Bong has become a favorite weapon again.  I have been learning so much more about this weapon over the last few years, and it has helped me  to improve and enhance my training.

Who are some of your role models in and out of WTSDA?

My parents are my biggest role models.  Both had to overcome a lot of adversity, but they never quit trying.  They are always there for their children, no matter what.  I also consider Grandmaster Shin one of my role models, he dedicated his entire life to the promotion of Tang Soo Do and the WTSDA.  Tang Soo Do has changed my life, so I feel I need to ‘pay it forward’ and do my best to encourage others to be their best. 

What are some of your favorite memories of your time in WTSDA?

I remember my first Black Belt Camp. Master Causerano was the MC and coordinator, so I was in fear from the start. I was a small fish in a big pond, and I was so intimidated.  My fear soon became reality when Master Beam ran the basic conditioning drills that first morning……..  Competing in tournaments also brings back a lot of fond memories, because of the many friendships I have made with my fellow competitors.  We have become great friends through the years.    

What are your future goals in WTSDA?

My future goal in the WTSDA is to continue to grow Saucon Valley Tang Soo Do.  Continue to encourage all of my students and families to be the best they can be.  I know I still have a lot to learn, so I must continue to train and learn under the guidance of my seniors, so I can be the best I can be. 

Master Geiter practicing hyung on the beach.

Advice/Words of Wisdom

Youth, teen and/or adult martial artist:

Remember to always set goals to attain, not only in Tang Soo Do, but in life. When an obstacle stands in your way of attaining your goals, IMPROVISE, ADAPT, and OVERCOME!

Teaching tips or ways you make classes more exciting:

Remember it is ok to have a little fun in the dojang. Create healthy competition within the dojang. Always encourage your students to be their best.

Tang Soo!